Expanded Target List

More Targets for B-17

Special Rules

1. Since raids on the second list are considered riskier, and rarer, than those included in the game they will not be selected by higher command for you as often. Before the target selection, one die is rolled: "1-5" use original Table G-3; "6" use the new mission list below.

2. Planes flying the longer missions were afforded better fighter cover near England due to the importance of these missions. This can be reflected by adding "+2" to the roll for fighter cover (Table G-5) in Zones 2, 3 and 4.

3. On longer missions, fighters had a tendency to cover the bombers as long as they possibly could-sometimes to their own demise due to fuel shortages. On the outward leg of Zone 5, a die is rolled for fighter cover. On the roll of "6", poor cover is provided in Zone 5 (a roll of "1-5" indicates no cover). This represents those few fighters that would stay with the formation for a few minutes longer than usual. There is no die roll for cover in Zone 5 on the return to England (although rule 2 above applies for the return flight).

4. Once the bombers reach Germany, the probability of enemy fighter waves greatly increased. With the bomber stream on radar, and the proximity of fighter bases, enemy opposition in 1943 was stiff. To reflect this fact, the bombers flying in low squadron of the formation receive a +2 modifier to the die roll for the number of German fighter waves (Tables B-1 and B-2). There is no modifier for planes in high or middle squadrons. This modification takes effect throughout the time that a bomber is in Germany (defined on the Flight Log Gazatteer for each target).

Note: In another General (The one with the YB-40 variant) a suggested change to rule 4 is to add +1 to the die roll for Tables B-1 and B-2 for any zone in German territory for all squadrons, not just Low Squadron.

Mission Targets
G-3a Missions 11- 25
Roll 2D
(*=+1 added to flak determination over target)

Roll Target Type
11 Amsterdam Aircraft
12 Amsterdam Aircraft
13 Cologne Industry
14 Cologne Industry
15 Bonn Industry
16 Bonn Industry
21 Dusseldorf Industry
22 Saarbrucken Industry
23 Saarbrucken Industry
24 Oshabruck Aircraft
25 Frankfurt Industry
26 Frankfurt Industry
31 Mannheim* Industry
32 Mannheim* Industry
33 Kassel* Aircraft
34 Kassel* Aircraft
35 Karlshruhe Aircraft
36 Munster Aircraft
41 Offenburg Aircraft
42 Hamburg* U-boats
43 Hamburg* U-boats
44 Braunschweig* Industry
45 Braunschweig* Industry
46 Hannover Industry
51 Hannover* Aircraft
52 Schweinfurt* Industry
53 Schweinfurt* Industry
54 Stuttgart Industry
55 Friedrichshaven Industry
56 Friedrichshaven Industry
61 Madgeburg* Industry
62 Madgeburg* Industry
63 Leipzig Aircraft
64 Bradenburg Aircraft
65 Berlin* Industry
66 Berlin* Government

G11a Flight Log Gazetter

Legend: W=Water, N=Netherlands, B=Belgium, G=Germany

Target Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5 Zone 6 Zone 7 Zone 8 Zone 9 Zone 10
Amsterdam -2/W -1/W -1/W 0/N          
Berlin -2/W -1/W -1/W -1/N -1/N 0/G 0/G 0/G +1/G
Bonn -2/W -1/W -1/W -1/N -1/N-W 0/G      
Brandenburg -2/W -1/W -1/W -1/N -1/N 0/G 0/G 0/G  
Braunschweig -2/W -1/W -1/W -1/W -1/N 0/G 0/G    
Cologne -2/W -1/W -1/W-N -1/N 0/N-G        
Dusseldorf -2/W -1/W -1/N -1/N 0/G        
Frankfurt -2/W -1/B -1/B -1/B 0/B-G 0/G      
Friedrichshaven -2/W -1/B -1/B -1/B -1/B 0/B-G 0/G    
Hamburg -2/W -1/W -1/W -1/W -1/W 0/G 0/G    
Hannover -2/W -1/W -1/W -1/W -1/N 0/G 0/G    
Karlsruhe -2/W -1/B -1/B -1/B 0/B-G 0/G      
Kassel -2/W -1/W -1/W-N -1/N -1/N 0/G      
Leipzig -2/W -1/W -1/W -1/N -1/N 0/G 0/G 0/G  
Madgeburg -2/W -1/W -1/W -1/N -1/N 0/G 0/G 0/G  
Mannheim -2/W -1/B -1/B -1/B-G 0/G        
Munster -2/W -1/W -1/W-N -1/N -1/N 0/G      
Offenburg -2/W -1/B -1/B -1/B -1/B 0/G      
Oshabruck -2/W -1/W -1/W -1/W -1/N-G 0/G      
Saarbrucken -2/W -1/B -1/B -1/B 0/B-G        
Schweinfurt -2/W -1/W -1/W-N -1/N 0/G 0/G 0/G    
Stuttgart -2/W -1/B -1/B -1/B 0/B-G 0/G 0/G