Introducing the JU-88

JU 88 C-6

1. The incorporation of this rule in any given mission is at the discretion of the mission controller. 

2. Except where otherwise specified by the mission controller:

A. The Ju88 appears only in zones with no fighter cover.
The Ju88 appears only as waves of one or two aircraft.
The Ju88 does not make frontal attacks. Reallocate 12to6; 1to3; 10to9.
The JU88 does not make vertical attacks either climbing or diving.
Only veteran skilled pilots fly the JU88.

3. When the rule is in effect, Ju88s are encountered on the B3 Chart by substituting the Ju88 for the aircraft named on the chart as follows (re-allocate clock positions as cited above):

A. Chart B3 Waves 11, 22, 32, 41, 51, 62

4. The JU88 c-6 inflicts damage to the B17 like the ME 110 (all hits are +1 hit).

5. B17 gunners add one to ME 110 To Hit numbers on the M1 Defensive Gunnery Chart when shooting at the JU 88. (E.g. A 6 is read 5,6; a 4,5,6 is read 3,4,5,6; a 3,4,5,6 becomes 2,3,4,5,6.)

 6. B17 single mount MG hits on the JU88 fired by a non-ace gunner are reduced one level: FCA = no damage; FBOA = FCA; Kill = FBOA. Regardless of the die roll a single mount MG fired by a non-ace gunner cannot kill a JU88 with one hit. The max damage is FBOA. An ace B17 gunner is an exception. Ace gunner results are treated normally, even if the ace is firing a single mount MG. Twin B17 MG mounts are treated normally.