Target for Today! Bob Best and I have partnered to bring you this complete redesign of the classic B-17 Queen of the Skies. We have incorporated some of the things Shawn Rife and I used in the design of B-29 Superfortress.

Some items included are: A player will be able to fly the B-17F, B-17G, B-24D, B-24J or the XB-40. You can fly missions for the 8th Air Force or 15th Air Force. The target list is huge, covering both 8th and 15th Air Force targets. Enemy planes you may encounter include the Me-109, Fw-190, Ju-88, Me-110, Me-210, Me-410, He-162, Me-163, Me-262, and the Ta-152.

Top Row, Left: The German fighter counter represents a Me-109 belonging to the Abbeville Boys. The red explosions with "3" indicate the number of attacks the plane may make -- the intial attack and up to two follow up attacks. The year in the bottom left corner represents the year of introduction. The pilot icon above the year indicates an ace pilot.

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Steven K. Dixon 2017
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TFT Rules Version 1 in PDF - ePub - mobi