Steven K. Dixon 2017
MOSQUITO FLEET re-creates individual actions and campaigns of U.S. Navy motor torpedo boat operations in World War II through the eyes of a PT Boat skipper and crew. MOSQUITO BOATS is designed as a solitaire game, with you acting as the commander of a PT boat, also known as an MTB. As the commander you control the actions of your crew, and through them, fight and maneuver your boat.

The game is currently under development and is being done in partnership with John Heim, who created the game system. The mechanics of the game are currently being play tested.

The game will concentrate on actions in the South Pacific from 1941 to 1945 with an expansion kit planed covering action in the Aleutians, Mediterranean, and the Channel.

Volume 1 will have dozens of scenarios, and several campaigns.
Mosquito Boat insignia