B-29 Extras:

1. Spanish Version of Rules
2. Fighter damage charts for Japanese fighters - gives more more info as to where Japanese planes are hit! Thanks to Art Dittus.
3. Corrected Tables for Jack in B-29 version 2!
4. Version 2 of the Rule Book, page 20. 7.3 Oxygen Out should read 7.4 Oxygen Out
Hell Over Korea

1. Corrected version of Namsi Scenario
2. Clarification to Out of Formation fighter attacks
Picket Duty

1. Version 2 of Rules
2. Revised Morale Table
3. Gun Damage Sheet -- use this sheet to track damage to guns.
4. Land and carrier based Air Support Counters
5. Examples Revised for Version 3.

Picket Duty Rule Correction:
Rule 6.7.H should read "H. If a plane is picked with a Special attack symbol or if an Attack Ends is drawn, they are ignored and placed back into the container. Another plane is picked to replace them."

Scenario 7
Hazardous Duty
This scenario has been revised and corrected. It now includes a custom map with a top down view of the Butler Class, of which the USS La Prade belonged. Click here: Scenario 7 Revised

Scenario 8
This scenario has been revised and corrected. It now includes a custom map with a top down view of the modified Mahan class, of which the USS Dunlap belonged. Click here: Scenario 8 Revised

Scenario 9 - New!
Hell from Above!

Target for Today

Customized Bomber Cards. More will be added when good top down views can be located. Now available: 34th BG, 91st BG (F Model), 91st BG (G Model) 94th BG, 95th BG, 96th BG, 100th BG, 381st BG, 388th BG, 390th BG, 447th BG, 452nd BG, 466th BG, 486th BG, and 487th BG.

55th BW, 15th Air Force: 460th BG, 464th BG, 465th BG and 485th BG

TFT Rules Version 1 in PDF - ePub - mobi

Missing Tables at end of Gazetteer (Division/Wing/Group/Squadron determination)
Various Gaming Extras!

B-17 QOTS Extras

1. Errata to Rules: General magazine, Volume 20, No. 6
2. Firing Aid
3. Damage Point System - Rules | Table
4. From Shawn Rife - revised Theater Modification rules and B17 rules errata. Shawn has taken most of the rules and modifications and put them into 2 documents for your handy use. In a sense, everyone has contributed to this update.
5. Preston McMurray's B-17 QOTS emulator
6. Lancaster Variant
7. 15th Air Force Variant | Map - Targets - Zones
8. B-24 Variant
9. German Jet Rules | Fighter Pack 1 | Fighter Pack 2
10. Revised Map
11. Expanded Map
12. Operation Porcupine (YB-40 Variant), Volume 26, No. 5 | Table
13. Theater Modifications - Volume 24, No. 6
14. Introducing JG 26 into the game. A variant by Bruce Peckham.
15. Introducing the Ju-88 into the game. A variant from Bruce Peckham.
16. Alternative German Fighter Appearance Tables -- Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3
17. Additional Targets | Table
18. Additional Enemy Planes (includes Italians)
19. Mechanical Failure Mod
20. Combat Boards - B-17F | B-17G
21. Combat Sheets -- B-17F | B-17G
22. Original Game Charts in XLS format
23. Halifax Variant

Attack Sub

1. Oil tanker

Richtofen's War

1. Counters -- Allied Replacement | German Replacement | Auxillary 1 | Auxillary 2
Extra 1 | Extra 2 | Extra 3

Target for Today

2nd BW, 8th Air Force: 389th BG, 445th BG, 453rd BG
Steven K. Dixon 2017